piątek, 15 października 2010

Dutch Language Club in Krakow!

On request, and as an exception, we decided to compose an e-mail in English, to explain the below e-mail for those of you who do not (yet) speak sufficient Dutch to understand the information contained there:

We have decided to organize a new initiative for people in Krakow who like to speak and practise their Dutch more, but do not have so much oportunity to do so:

The Dutch language Club in Kraków/`De Nederlandse Taalclub in Kraków`

What is The Dutch Language Club in Kraków?

De Nederlandse taalclub in Kraków is a weekly and informal meeting for people with the objective to practise and improve their Dutch language skills. This will be done by means of weekly meetings, during which a conversation leader (Haize, Rafal of Rogier) will suggest a theme (e.g. public transport, art, grocery shopping, living in the Netherlands or Poland, etc.). With this theme we will have a conversation in Dutch - please note: it is not a language class, so no one will improve or correct you: the sessions are open for people with all levels of Dutch language, even though it is obvious that you need to have some (basic) Dutch language knowledge to participate and enjoy. The point is to have the chance to speak Dutch and improve by speaking/listening!

Sessions will take place weekly, every Tuesday evening from 20 o'clock in Ptasiek (ul. Dajwor 3); the first session will be next Tuesday, October 19th 20 o'clock!!

Sometimes, however, there will be a Dutch movie evening on the Tuesday evening in 'Ptasiek' - of course, you will also be invited for this, but then there will be no Language Club session that week.

Every 1st Thursday of the month - Meeting Nederlanders in Kraków
Every Tuesday - Nederlandse taalclub in Kraków
Around once per month - Nederlandse Filmavond

All in Ptasiek! No fees are applicable to these events, but consumptions will be for your own account.

What else?
If you are interested in the Nederlandse taalclub in Kraków, register now via nederlandersinkrakow@gmail.com!!

Please note: we want to have min. 12 registration for the Dutch anguage Club before we start, so inform your friends!

Reageer dus snel - React quickly, so we can start already next week Tuesday!!

If you have ideas for the theme, or other suggestions, pleae let us know - we look forward to hearing from you!

We hope to hear soon from you and see you hopefully next Tuesday in Ptasiek!

On behalf of De Nederlandse Taalclub in Kraków,

Haize, Rafal en Rogier

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  1. Wat leuk. Ik ben zelf aan het zoeken naar een Poolse taalclub in Nederland, omdat ik vanwege mijn werk bezig ben met een Poolse taalcursus. Ik ben pas bij les 3 dus ik heb nog een lange weg te gaan. Groeten aan iedere Nederlands-spreker in Kraków!


  2. Dutch language is the finest language spoken over the work. Learning dutch language is not much difficult . So to ldutch lessons we should have a great passion as well as good teacher who can teach us dutch language.